The OPUS Group is a technology based integrated business services and solutions group of companies that has successfully expanded to become one of the leading specialist players in the Asia Pacific region with operations in Australia.

Publishing division has a broad array of customers encompassing global and local professional,educational and trade publishers, government departments and agencies, global media companies, advertising agencies, large corporate enterprises and small-to-medium sized businesses.

OPUS Group


Local and regional production and multichannel distribution of educational, professional, trade and government publications & content along with complementary business service offering.

OPUS is a leader in innovation, digital technology and business services

OPUS is a leader in short run, time sensitive production and business services. The Group's processes and technologies are aligned to meet buyer behaviour as it evolves towards shorter runs with shorter lead times through new digital technology, workflow automation and integrated multi-platform content management and fulfillment (via IPALM ®). With a passion and commitment to customer service, OPUS staff thrive on fulfilling complex, time sensitive requirements on the daily basis.