Proprietary Technology Platform

'Integrated Print & Logistics Management'

Welcome to IPALM ®, OPUS Group’s innovative online customer interface solution. From a single platform, IPALM ® provides a customised suite of online business services management tools for our key Group customers.


The IPALM ® system is the Group’s proprietary online supply chain services platform, which has been developed as a strategic initiative focused on transforming the communciation solutions supply chain and CRM system (customer relationship management system).  

The system is an enabling technology that provides a customised suite of supply chain and print management tools from one integrated platform.  The software is hosted by OPUS but is designed as an integrated extension of the customer’s supply chain.  

The IPALM ® platform moves traditional print, warehousing, and fulfilment capabilities online, providing customers with access to the following IPALM ® modules:

Consumers of our customers’ products can order on a web storefront provided by OPUS or order through our customers’ own websites and pass orders to IPALM ® utilising electronic data interchange services.
OPUS can manage a customer’s backlist catalogue, including forecasting and re-ordering of inventory.
OPUS can respond to customer orders by completing the process from point of sales inquiry to delivery of a product to the customer. Inventory management is handled within IPALM ®, expediting the fulfilment process and providing real time stock and order information.
 PRINT ON DEMAND (Distribute & Print):
Clients can utilise digital technology enabling OPUS to fulfil print orders as they are received, through to delivery of files to the OPUS production devices in Australia and internationally through Strategic Alliance partners.
Customers can view the progress of their order lines, filter jobs by their production status and receive email notifications. OPUS customers are able to utilise real time order tracking and notification of delivery.
 ASSET ARCHIVE (Digital Asset Management):
OPUS can provide customers with secure digital asset management, a robust storage solution that provides customers with the peace of mind that their digital assets are secured, retained and retrievable after printing.
IPALM ® allows customers to create, edit, and approve computer-based online templates during the pre press phase. IPALM ® ensures that OPUS customers control their brand and eliminates the proofing process, reducing turnaround times.
Subscription and database management features enhance mail house services and include the ability to send emails to a targeted list of end use consumers.