Working with Us
Working with OPUS

We are an Australian manufacturing group with a passion for print. Our businesses are established and are run by dedicated staff.

As a sustainable employer, our businesses offer prospective employees:

  • a safe and rewarding work environment
  • a strong and service-driven culture
  • supported opportunities to develop
  • nurturing management and
  • committed engagement with our stakeholders


Our businesses strive to minimise the environmental impact of our production processes through initiatives such as promoting ISO14001 accreditation, using vegetable based inks, recycling waste and by products and encourage use of certified paper stocks.


Our staff are our community and we endeavour to provide a safe and rewarding work place, supported opportunities for growth and ongoing engagement with the industry and wider community to sustain the passion for print.


We are committed to developing mutually beneficial partnerships with suppliers and customers to sustain our businesses, reward our staff and offer value to our shareholders.